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PDQ Inventory Dynamic Collections


I am trying to create a dynamic collection based on a local user description containing a specific string, or in this case, not containing the string. I am able to get in in reverse, meaning I get the correct number of computers if I filter for systems that contain the string. The reverse, which is what I need, does not work, instead of listing the machines that do not contain the string, it lists computers that do and do not match the string. 

I have tried all the Does not filters, Matches filters, contains, Ends with, equals, ends with, with similar results. The collection only has 1 filter;

Local User --> Description --> Does not equal --> String In Question

I am running out of ideas. I am on Inventory 16 (Beta 4)

Any insight or ideas are greatly appreciated.





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  • Darold,

    It would be helpful if you could post screenshots of the filters from your working "description contains" collection as well as your broken "description does not contain" collection.

  • Agreed with Luke that screenshots would be helpful, but I think I see where you're going.

    One thing I've found for "I want all the things that *don't* have xyz" is for the filter type to be set to "Not Any" and then form the filter as you would to pick up the items as it does in the working one from your question. Here is one I use to find all computers that don't have our Mimecast plugin installed:

    Note that you can also just change the top filter type to "Not Any" and put Mimecast right below it - it's a stylistic choice on my part that I don't want new machines that haven't been scanned yet in that group.

  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the quick responses. I am attaching 2 screen shots;

    one showing it seeming to be working - PDQInventory1.jpg

    one showing it not working as expected - PDQInventory2.jpg

    Note the highlighted users. These 4 have been verified to have the exact string in the Description (copied and pasted) but are showing up with either option chosen.


    I did take your advise, Chris, and was able to get a valid number showing in the list. It took using a combination of any and not any filter logic and a couple of different dynamic lists to remove items.

    Thanks for all your help.