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How to update any/all old apps found on a PC?


Is there a way to build a collection or view that is more PC focused rather than app focused? I'd like to see all outdated apps per PC and update them all with one click regardless of what the apps are, different PC's may have different apps to update etc.. Hopefully that makes sense..





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  • I think this makes sense and I hope this is something that can be added in a future release.

  • This would be cool! One Button to update them all, One button to find them, One Button to bring them all and in PDQ update them!

    Is it sorta halfway there-ish potentially? when selecting a computer and select the "Collections" tab this does give a certain amount of insight into what apps are outdated based on what collections the computer is part of. You could also run a report to gather a list of computers attached to "old" collections.

    Neither option really gives an elegant solution to an seek and destroy button... I mean update...
    I know I have auto deployments to take care of anything, but the power of a button! brings out my inner thanos

  • @Callan lol, At first glance of your post I thought you were going to sarcastically tell me that's dead simple and I just missed it. :)  .. This would be such an awesome addition to PDQ!