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Suggestions for good PDQ Inventory overview

Hello fellow PDQ'ers,

Not sure this is the right forum to post this in.

I use PDQ Inventory a lot and create many collections at the request from my colleagues (who loves the features but refuses to spend time to learn how it works). I am running into the problem now that the collections have become so numerous that it is hard to keep track, so I am wondering if anyone has any good advice or smart way that they make their collections?

When I try to design it myself, I keep running into a "chicken or egg" problem:

1. I would like to set it up like my domain so we have countries and sites and finally laptops and desktops...  However, to get a good application count we would then have to put all applications in all collections and sub collections, so it would end up being very crowded and I guess it would put a strain on the server to have each collection so many times (we have 20 countries and 30 sites). If we get a new application, this would have to be set up in each country and site.

2. I could set it up with each application containing the site setup... again, that would be a lot of sub-collections since we would need to have all sites in each application, each version we need to cover and each 32/64 bit. 

Finally comes all the operating system collections as well.

Maybe this could be a job for the guys at PDQ as well. I imagine either be able to link collections to a template somehow (If I create a new collection in template A it is created in all copies of A), or maybe an inheritance system where you can turn on a setting and then set up a specific structure that will automatically be added to all collections below in the tree.

I hope that I am explaining myself well enough.


Edit: I realize that I kind of have two different problems here. So in regards to my "chicken and egg problem": Does anyone know if that many collections will cause performance problems, or is the databases built for this ?