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Deployments (and scans) not running when console is closed?

I have multiple instances of both Deploy and Inventory running on different machines at different locations due to our network size (but I am the only admin using them).

I'd found that if an windows update is run on the machine that Deploy and Inventory is installed on when that machine restarts the Deploy and Inventory processes restart but no scheduled deployments or scans are being run until the console is opened.

Is this a bug? Running the latest Inventory and Deploy.




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  • The title should say "Scheduled deployments and scans not starting back up after server reboot".

  • For example.


    The machine running Inventory rebooted for an update on 5/13 After the reboot the service started just fine, but as you can see non Inventory scans were completed until I re-opened the console.

  • If I log out and back into the machine the deployment schedules continue to run. But if the machine is rebooted nothing scans again until I start up a console window.


  • This smells like a bug to me. I'd submit this question to