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Dynamic Collection Files & Directories Issue

Hi all. I have a scan profile that checks for the existence of two different files found under a user's profile path. The scan profile scans all profiles under C:\Users\..

I am trying to make a collection that includes the computer only if the computer has BOTH files. If I make the collection look for just one of either of the files the computer is correctly included for the presence of each file. If I set the collection to Any instead of All it includes the computer. For some reason, though, if I set the collection to All it does not include the computer.

Here are the scan profile and collection:

What am I doing wrong?




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  • Additional information. I have verified that if I open the computer and look at Files & Directories I see both files listed.

  • In the meantime I have worked around the issue by creating one collection to look for the first file and then nested a second collection to look for the second file and that appears to be working. Still, odd that it doesn't work the other way.

  • That's due to how collections query the database. Try this:

  • Thank you Colby. I was pretty sure I tried that without success on Friday, but tried just now and it worked.