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 PDQ Deploy is  a fantastic product and PDQ Inventory is a great add-on for it. A web interface would make it even better. I currently need to rdp onto our VM that runs PDQ Inventory to look up info on PCs.   I know I can install the PDQ Inventory client onto my PC but what would be even better is a web interface that I could open from anywhere inside our network.

Any chance of you doing this in the near future?



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  • I think this would be a great addition as well.  I'm the only admin in our environment so converting to Central Server doesn't make any sense when I can just RDP in the server hosting Deploy/Inventory.  If I could access a website and manage both products, that would be fantastic!

  • im also intrested in a web interace.

    while moving to central server was a huge benefit, me and my colleague are using both inventory and deploy every day. cant stop thinking tho, a web console would further improve user experience...

  • A web interface would be an amazing for both deploy and inventory.

  • that would be great.
    And i could think of integration with our other web based systems.

  • +1


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