Change AD Description for a Remote Computer


A simple tool I use to modify(replace) the AD Description of a Remote Computer, and then triggers a Scan for AD Infos right after.


$description = Read-Host 'Entrez la description voulue '
Set-ADComputer $(Computer:TARGET) -replace:@{"description"="$($description)"}
Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock {pdqinventory ScanComputers -Computers "$(Computer:TARGET)" -ScanProfile "AD Infos"}


Screenshots :





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  • HELP .. does not work in my console

  • Hey, sorry i'm not a Powershell expert with knowledge about why. I'm running Set-ADComputer on my Windows 10 Computer with Powershell 5.1. I think it's native on it. Try to "Import-Module ActiveDirectory"

    And tool is running Locally, not remotely. Your admin computer run the command, not the remote computer. To be clear about that :)

  • No PS expert here too.

    Any help, PS experts?

  • Seems to be linked to your RSAT. Module is ready to use when RSAT are installed in windows 8, 8.1 & 10.

    If not Windows 8 or 10 :

    1. Click Add features, and then:
    2. Select Active Directory module for Windows PowerShell in Remote Server Administration Tools > Role Administration Tools > AD DS and AD LDS Tools.
  • Now a bit better .. but not working

  • I remember having already had this error, sometimes, and I don't know the cause. 

    For my part, it never happens twice in a row, it just work properly if I run it a second time.


    Maybe a PDQ issue, try the script in Powershell ISE (adapt variables) to test if it works... 
    Maybe just need an additionnal reboot, an additionnal pre-requisite or something like that.. I think I can't help you more about that. :/


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