Collection with certain OSes and Hot Fix not filtering what I want

Hi, all. I have a Dynamic Collection that I want to show the O/S I specify that do not have a certain hot fix. I have the following filters:


Computer - O/S - Matches Expression - ^Server 2012$|^7$|^2008 R2$ (this is working)

Hot Fix - Name - Does Not Contain - KB3140245 (I get computers with and without this hot fix)

How do I get this to only show computers without the hot fix? I have tried moving the hot fix filter out so I could use All, Any, Not All, and Not Any without success.

Thank you.



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  • Try this one to build your OS Version around this:

    enter image description here

  • Christian,

    Changing my collection filters based on what you showed above, it now works. I did not added the never scanned filter since the computers have to have been scanned to get the O/S. Thanks for the help.

    Here is what the collection filters look like now:

    KB3140245 Not Installed Collection

    I also tested a collection that more closely resembles yours and I got the same results: Alternate KB3140245 Not Installed Collection


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