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Copying another computers deployments?


I am looking for a way to copy the list of deployments on one computer and deploy those packages to another. I can do this manually but surely there is an easier way than having to select each package individually in PDQ Deploy?

You can export to csv but there doesn't seem a way to import the list back in anywhere?

It would be very helpful to look at a computers deployments, select the ones you want and deploy them to another

Any way of doing this?




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  • Hey there, are you looking to copy your packages or the deployment history?

    Packages can be exported and then imported from the File menu. Just select the packages you want to export File->Export or Right-Click Export. It is possible to export multiple packages at once this way. Then File->Import (Ctrl+I works as well) and pick the XML files created.

    To move deployment history you will need to make a copy of your database and move that to a new machine, you can find instructions on doing that for Deploy here:

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the response. The answer is neither..

    I am looking for a way to deploy to a machine based on the deployment history of another. Does that make sense?

    Something like this:

    View deployment history of Machine "A". Select relevant deployments from the list. Right click > Deploy now. Would pre populate the packages with the ones you have selected from the history, you just have to define the target (Machine "B")

    In my head, it would work something like that but I cannot find a way to do it?