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Using Inventory Variables in Package Deployments

Is there way of using variables from PDQ Inventory in PDQ Deploy?

Most of our machines are hosted in AWS and WOL does not work. I'm writing a powershell script to call the AWS api and start machines based on their ip address.

In order to build this script into packages (start machine > install package > shutdown machine) I need to use the $(Computer:TARGETIPADDRESS) variable from PDQ Inventory in PDQ Deploy.



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  • Hello James, currently this is not possible. I have a feature request in to allow for the sharing of System Variables between both applications. Please note that I am not able to comment on if/when said feature would be accepted/implemented.

    It may be a pain, but you could try using Remote Tools in PDQ Inventory to accomplish the deployments to these machines.

  • I add to this, I need to use custom variables from Inventory in Deploy.

  • Thanks for the update Chris

  • Any change in status on this request? Would be quite valuable.

  • I just added Sync-PdqVariable to my PowerShell module, PdqStuff. It synchronizes all variables between Deploy and Inventory. Open a PowerShell window as admin, then run the following. You will most likely have to accept a few prompts.

    Set-ExecutionPolicy 'RemoteSigned'
    Install-Module -Name 'PdqStuff'
    Import-Module -Name 'PdqStuff'
    Get-Help Sync-PdqVariable -Full