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Package Library Request - Update Firefox ESR to version 60

Hi there, Was looking to take advantage of the new Firefox GPO support, which requires ESR for certain functionality:

Extensions (ESR only)

This policy controls the install, uninstall and locking of extensions. Locked extensions cannot be disabled or uninstalled. For Install, you can specify a list of URLs or paths. For Uninstall and Locked, you specify extension IDs.

Can we please get the ESR version updated in the package library? Am using a custom package for now.




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  • This was mentioned last week in the pre show to "PDQ Live! : PDQ Inventory Is More Than Just Inventory"

    You have to wait for Firefox ESR 60.2 because 60 and 60.1 are more a live beta and it is not recommended to install this versions on your live systems.

  • Thanks, good to know.


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