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External Agent credentials

Does PDQ Inventory need me to add credentials for agents? None of the external computers we have are AD joined, and have local accounts. Their accounts have permissions to install the agent, but will the agent know how to do a scan with their local account?

Or do I need to create a new scan user account for each computer in PDQ Inventory?

Edit: For anyone else with this issue, we put a local IT account on all non domain joined PCs with the same username and password. For example the credentials would be
Domain: .
Username: ITagent
Password: Password1

Using a period for domain will make it use the local computer name, like a normal login prompt.



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    We are announcing the End of Life (EOL) of the optional PDQ Agent beta from our existing products. See this blog post for more information

  • The Agent uses the same Scan User as the normal runner service, so you will need to add credentials for each of those computers.


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