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Report - check estate for what apps are out of date


I am new to PDQ, just testing it out at the moment...

One of my main requirements is to check what applications installed throughout the estate are IN date and what applications are OUT of date. I want to see some sort of report that states that Application A is at Ver1.2 in one column and another column that states that Ver1.3 is available. This way I will know, at a glance, what apps I need to target and plan to get patched.

I can get this information manually by drilling down in PDQ Inventory Collection Libraries but I want to automate this to make it easier to pull off regular reports to report to management etc.

I have created a new report using variables $(PDQInventoryVersion) and $(PDQDeployVersion), assuming that $(PDQInventoryVersion) is what is 'actually' installed on my endpoints and $(PDQDeployVersion) is what is 'available' to install, or perhaps what is the latest version that PDQ has identified.

The report I have set has filer 'Application', column 'Version', comparison 'Version between' with 2 values of '(PDQInventoryVersion)' and '(PDQDeployVersion)'

When I run this report it only brings up 6 entries, i'd expect to see a bunch more to tell me that a tonne of apps are not at the latest '$(PDQDeployVersion)' version...

I may be going at this the wrong way...

Any help much appreciated :0)




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  • Maybe not detailed enough for you but I just have a simple report that looks at all the machines that belong to (Old) collections in PDQ Inventory. Doesn't show me the versions but it does show me which machines don't have the latest version of an app installed. I had to filter out .NET collections though because I didn't want to see those since we aren't running the latest version of .NET everywhere yet.

    enter image description here

  • Hi, thanks for that, that works but...... :0)

    What I need now, if possible, is for the report to show not only what apps land in the (Old) collection but for it to also show what is in the 'Latest' collection. At the moment it looks like the below image, if I can get the 'Latest' version to show in another column next to 'Application Version' that would be awesome!!!! this is what I really hope I can do...

    enter image description here

  • Not sure if the above explains 100% what I need, so basically in 1 report if it can show side by side what is OLD and what is NEW so i know that Google Chrome on SERVER123 is currently at v67.0.3396.99 but in the next column it will show that the latest version is v67.0.999.99 for example, so i know where I need to get to to be up to date, so i know what version I need to upgrade to.

    Hope thats all clear :0)