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wrong uptime value

Currently i have a bunch of machines that report they have uptimes greater that 1 day. (100+machines) The reason i know many of these uptime values are bogus is because we turn the building power off, so PC's cant be on.

How is the uptime value calculated as it is 100% wrong for some or many of our PC's??



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  • From what I've observed, it's based on last scan time.

    I have some machines that have been locked down since their first scan 400 days ago so I'm unable to scan them again. Uptime? 400 days according to PDQ.

  • I thought it just stored the value returned from the computer information scan

    More or less Get-CimInstance -ClassName win32_operatingsystem | select csname, lastbootuptime stored as a value and iterated on against current date.

    Look at one of your systems where this is wrong and check the last time it successfully scanned computer information or did the standard scan. If you don't currently have a scan set to when heartbeat is detected, I would highly recomend setting that. Options > Scan Profiles > standard (edit) > triggers | modify when scan aget is * days old to your preferred value and add heartbeat

    Check your minimum time between standard scans and make sure it's set to what you would consider reasonable, If I remember default was like 7 days. We prefer to have it set to 24h in our environment.

  • so i scanned the computer, shut it down and started up and it still has the same LastBootUpTime Plot thickens on the machine reporting incorrectly.

  • This is due to the fast startup option in windows. Apparently shutting down windows doesn't shut it down but puts it in a type of hibernation. To reset the uptime you need to do a restart.

  • This has also resolved some WOL issues and WSUS updates not installing. Thank you!


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