[Suggestion] Adobe Flash Package, Auto Update Steps

In the 'Adobe Flash for Firefox' package (as of the steps to disable auto update don't work if Flash was already installed. If Flash was previously installed manually then the mms.cfg files will exist and the steps to copy over them won't trigger. Disable Auto Update

As a quick work around you can duplicate the package, convert it to a custom package, delete Step 1, and change the conditions on the remaining steps on 'File' to be 'None'.

I think that steps 2 and steps 3 should be changed to be a Powershell script that does the following

if ($fileExists)
   Parse file
   If ($parsedFile contains 'DisableAutoUpdate=1')
         exit # nothing to do
   else if ($parsedfile contains 'DisableAutoUpdate=0')
         Replace 'DisableAutoUpdate=0' with 'DisableAutoUpdate=1'
   else #no line exists for DisableAutoUpdate
          Add 'DisableAutoUpdate=1'

Obviously for speed I've written this in pseudo-code.




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