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SSD Dynamic collection


I saw a post from 4 years ago about scanning for SSDs with no solution. Has anyone found one, I'd love this facility.



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  • "post from 4 years ago about scanning for SSDs with no solution"

    What post or what you looking for?

    brgds, Margus

    EDIT: If you mean Collection by Disk Type SSD or HDD then simply create Dynamic Collection, Filter by "All > Disk Drive > Physical Disk Type > Is / Is Not > HDD / Not Available / SCM / SSD / Unspecified"

  • Many thanks, alas I am on the free version so its locked. I pay for deploy so will have to see if I can afford the upgrade

  • ok, then you cannot also run sql report. ... d.PhysicalDiskType as [Disk Type], ...

    I used to run free version for years... ca 300 pc-s.. but after 1000+ without schedules etc nonono... paid version is soo much more, so really consider it.

    have phun!

  • I've attached the SSD Dynamic Filter that you need. I use this and it works perfectly for all SSD and SSD/M2 devices.

    enter image description here

  • I've attached the HDD Dynamic Filter that you need as well. This will help you separate your SSDs from your standard HDDs.

    enter image description here