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Question about KeePass/deploying password managers and config

We're looking at password managers (avoiding cloud-based for our particular environment) and giving KeePass a test drive. Is there a way to set up a config file to set and lock the "force changing the master key" setting? Or can it be done with a PowerShell/batch script? (For example, setting the force change to 180 days, then locking the user from changing it to a higher number.)

We only have a handful of non-IT/non-tech-savvy people right now who are interested in a password manager, but if it gains traction and we choose KeePass, we'd love to be able to save a few clicks on initial setup for those who want to use it.

If what we're hoping to do is not possible with KeePass, I'd appreciate any advice for making initial setup per device a bit faster. Recommendations for non-cloud password managers that are easy to configure then send out with PDQ Deploy are also appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



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  • Hey Monica,

    Unless there's a global setting for the program I'm missing I don't see a way to configure forcing a master password reset and keeping it set how you want. As that appears setting is controlled by the database settings and could be changed at any time after a user has it in their hands đŸ˜¦

    They do have support for multiple-user databases, which look like they have the ability to control the setting.


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