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Need a Dynamic Collection that shows if a program is not installed


I recently installed the free versions of PDQ Deploy and Inventory. As part of my testing , I want to deploy a program to a test group of PCs. The PCs have been added to Inventory and the scan completed successfully. In Deploy, I created a package which points to the repository and has the needed parameters. I have been able to use the 'Deploy Once' menu and the program installed correct on the test PCs.

In Inventory, I created a dynamic collection that has a filter that says "Application Name Contains 'Program Name' ". The collection correctly diplays the PCs that I manually deployed the software. I then created a second dynamic collection that has a filter that says "Application Name Does Not Contain 'Program Name' ". However, the collection still lists the PCs where the software was deployed along with the remaining PCs that do not have the program installed. I am sure I have not created the second collection correctly, but I don't know where my error is in the filter.

Any help is appreciated.




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  • Hi,

    You'll likely want to structure your filters like this:

    All > Not Any > Application Name > Contains > (app_name)

    enter image description here

    This will also return machines in your console that have not been scanned, so to filter those machines out we'll want to add a scan comparison in the all filter, similar to this:

    enter image description here

  • Hi Josh,

    Thanks! That did the trick and is working great. Does the online manual have sample filters for different scenarios for review/learning?

    Appreciate the help.


  • Hi Gilbert,

    This link should get you going in the right direction:

    The collection library is also always an awesome cheat-sheet, you can duplicate collections from the library that are similar to what you are looking for then just change the values to reflect what you are looking for.


  • Hello!

    This is helpful, but i cant seem to get my collection to work if I want to filter against multiple missing applications at the same time?. For now ive tried it with simple logic + missing software


    I essentially want to see any computer that is 

    • online
    • Been scanned in the last 30 days
    • But is missing the 4 below software names

  • Jonathan Harper

    Looks to me like your last entry has a double negative, which would give you every computer that does have Rapid7.

    And at the same level as your Computer: Online, you would want a 

    Computer: Successful Scan Date: After: Relative Date: 30D ago.