PDQ Inventory Scan as logged in user

Is it possible to run a scan from PDQ Inventory as the logged in user? I am attempting to look for a file that is currently located in the users profile directory. I would like to use the %profilepath% environment variable, but this will not work if the scan is run as administrator.

Any suggestions appreciated.




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  • Hi,

    Its not possible to run a scan as the logged on user, but a files and directories scanner can still get that information, see this KB for more information:



  • Josh,

    Thanks for the reply, I am aware that you can use system variables in the file scanner, however since it's being run as administrator and the variable I want to use is user specific, it returns the wrong data. For example, if I want to check for a specific file or shortcut on the users desktop then I would use %profilepath%\desktop\somefile.name but since it's being run as administrator the %profilepath% variable would return c:\users\administratror instead of c:\users\someuser.

    Again, thanks for trying, I appreciate it.

  • It may be best to use a script. Run as admin and have the script look for users that are not part of administration or IT group. Then redirect to the desktop path to grab names of files. The easiest thing may be to look for the file on all desktops and making that into a collection

  • Patrick, I am not sure how doing that would help in this instance. Sure it would help if I just wanted a list to look through and manually determine if the user has the file in their profile path, but it would not be a collection I could use to trigger an install from PDQ deploy without knowing the users profile path in order to determine automatically if they had or needed the file.

    I have found a work around, I am just creating a folder on C: to store the files, I can then check it and trigger the install if their file isn't present.

    Being able to run inventory scans as the local user I think could be a huge benefit, but I'm not sure how hard it would be for them to set that up. I would assume they could since PDQ deploy has the ability to run as the logged in user, hopefully they will add this down the road, or perhaps there is a reason I am not thinking of why the haven't and won't.

    Thanks for the response.


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