Feature Request: Role-Based Access Controls in PDQ-Deploy (Client/Server mode)

Can we have Role-Based Access Controls in PDQ-Deploy (like Ansible AWX or Jenkins) ?

PDQ Admin: Run Deploy jobs, edit public packages, edit public target list, edit schedules

PDQ user: Run Deploy jobs, read public packages, read public target list, read public schedules, full access to private packages folder.

It seems some one has asked for the same request already.




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  • Thumbs up. I know PDQ Is meant to a small-medium business utility, but I think most are aware by now that this tool is also widely utilized in large organization with different BU's with different stakes. It would be a well needed feature that we can assign RBAC to specific users, when needed.

  • Thumbs up as well. I am curious if any action has been taken on this and or if there is any road map to add this functionality.

    Even in a small organizations role based access is a good control on security and compliance. It would be nice if from a folder level down to a package level, jobs could be View/list, read/execute or modify based on a user account or a group. Similar to NTFS file/folder/share permissions.

    When used in an MSP situation, this can be a really valuable feature. In it's absence, we have quite a bit of PDQ installation sprawl that gets difficult to manage/maintain. It would be great to consolidate down to single PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy instances

  • Thumbs up! Would love this feature.


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