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PDQ Deploy Login Issues

Hello, I am currently trying to setup PDQ deploy on my company's network. I have downloaded the program, along with PDQ inventory, onto a dedicated server. To test it, I attempted to download the PDFsam application onto my computer using the program. When I attempted to download this, however, the deployment failed, giving me an error saying "The account name is invalid or does not exist, or the password is invalid for the account name specified".

When testing the credentials that I am using, the test succeeds on the computer that I am attempting to download to. The background service user is set to a domain administrator, the same user as the deploy user. I am able to access the ADMIN$ and C$ folders on the target computer from the administrator account as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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  • Hi Thomas, did you specify the credentials including the domain? Credentials dialog

  • Be sure to install PDF Sam like this msiexec /i "pdfsam-v3.3.7.msi" /qn CHECK_FOR_UPDATES=false DONATE_NOTIFICATION=false SKIPTHANKSPAGE=Yes LOCALE_CODE=enLOCALE PLAY_SOUNDS=true CHECK_FOR_NEWS=false PREMIUM_MODULES=false

    change atributes according your preferences