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Upgrade Windows Version number

HI All,

First post so go easy. I tested Windows updates via PDQ deploy which work really well however I want to roll out the latest version number of Windows to the client PC's. For example how do i push out 1803 to PC's that have 1609 installed or is this not possible?

Any help is very much appreciated.



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  • Look here:

    Win 10 Upgrades

  • I think the question you are looking for is how to apply a feature update with PDQ Deploy.

    Look on a computer that has been updated to 1803 for the "1803" temp install files directory.

    Copy that directory to your repository.

    Create the following step (including copy the entire directory)

    $(Repository)\1803\setup.exe /auto upgrade /quiet

    Make sure you test this before widespread use. It's worked well for us but might not for everyone.

  • Robert, hopefully you can share your thoughts on this one. I'm downloading the Full ISO/files every time I want to apply a feature update, those are placed in a repository and although running the setup.exe + switches takes care of my needs, it takes quite a while for the upgrade to complete.

    My goal is now to reduce the time, and possibly network traffic that it takes to complete this process when applied to 250+ computers, unfortunately,I don't have WSUS and its neat update control features in my toolbox, so I was wondering if your process involves a smaller file when using the temp install ? or we're technically using the same method of downloading the full ISO files. I looked around but many articles pointed to the same method I'm actually using.

    Your help is much appreciated.