Scan after Deploy doesn't seem to work?

I'm trialing PDQ Deploy & Inventory and am having an issue getting things to scan after a deployment.

I checked in Preferences and I do have the "Scan After Deployment" box checked and set to default scan profile. I checked the package I'm deploying (Windows updates from August and 7Zip), and it's set to "Scan After Deployment (program default)".

However, every time a deployment runs, the computer still shows up in the "Out of date" folder. If I then right click the computer or group and manually do a scan, it sees that the program has updated and moves the computer to the "Up to date" folder.

Is there something else I need to set or any reason the deploy wouldn't kick off the inventory scan like it's supposed to?




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  • Hi Kelemvor,

    I believe this feature only works within an Enterprise version, here is a snippet from their documentation

    Regards Triggels

    enter image description here


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