How to handle reboots after Windows Updates?



  • Patrick Pierce

    Inventory - Screenshot 1

    Create dynamic collection for computers that have status of "Needs Reboot".


    Deploy - Screenshot 2, 3, 4 and 5

    Create package that restarts computer. (CMD with shutdown /r or something similar)

    Create a schedule to run package against the collection during after hour. Also disable the option to retry if devices are offline. Otherwise they will restart once they come online. There is no way to set a time frame, but reboot shouldn't take 5 hours, so a time frame is not needed most of the time.

    reboot2 reboot3 reboot4 reboot5

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  • Marcel Lipovsky

    You may also give the wuforce.vbs script from Rob Dunn a shot. This way you can force the machine to update and when finished, reboot it.

    I am using this all the time.

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