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Any way to use PDQ to start all services that are Automatic and not running?

Every time we do Windows Updates we end up with a number of machines that have services that don't start up after the reboots. Is there any way to use PDQ to find any machines that have a service that is set to Automatic Start but that isn't running, and then have it issue a start command on those services?

We currently have a powershell script that can do this but would rather have something graphical we can use to see that it worked.




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  • Hi, first of all, you should configure the service's recovery actions in the service's properties. There you can also use a program to send a mail so you know a service failed. Other than that, you can modify the powershell script so that it logs its actions to a file in a share. OR you can have a PDQ Inventory report which will tell you all you need to know. The only downfall is that you have to tell the report which services can be safely ignored as there are many which do start but then at a later time stop.

  • Sample XML

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <AdminArsenal.Export Code="PDQInventory" Name="PDQ Inventory" Version="" MinimumVersion="3.1">

  • I've created a simple report as sa example. Stopped services XML

  • We have this issue in our environment too. Currently I am using Inventory to scan for stopped services and Deploy on a heartbeat schedule to turn those services back on. However, I am starting to play around with the idea of using Group Policy Preference instead. Here is how you can setup Inventory and Deploy to automatically handle this.


    Create a dynamic collection to filter for all and create two filters for Services.

    Set the first filter for Name and equals to whatever service you want (WSUS in the example, wuauserv)

    Set the second filter for State and Does Not Equal "Running"

    (If you want to search for Autostart, create another filter for Service - Start Mode - Contains - "Auto". That will find services that are also set to Autostart.)



    Create a package to run CMD command for starting a service.

    Create a schedule to trigger on heartbeat. Link the target to PDQ Inventory collection and the package to the start service package.