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PDQ Inv Auto-reports: Do not generate report if collection is empty?

Hi all, PDQ newcomer here - awesome product!

My intention is to use the auto-reporting email function as a form of alerting for several things.

One example, I have a daily auto-report of all PCs that have <10% drive space and I'd like to call this to my attention via an email alert as opposed to manually checking a collection configured to show PCs with <10% free space.

Now, AFAIK If the report produces no results, the report and email is still generated - and I'm still compelled to open the email and check the pdf attachment for problem machines. Setting up a decent quantity of daily auto-reports for various issues and checking email with no contents can become a bit of a grind.

For the sake of reducing unnecessary spam is there a way to squelch a report/email send if the report finds 0 results?

(If not, is there a process to put the idea in a feature request hat?)




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  • Hi

    We too would like this feature, we only want to e-mail certain reports if the collection isn't empty.

  • I'll put my hand up for wanting this too. I don't make use of the auto report feature for the same reasons mentioned above.

  • Agree 100%

  • Yes, this would be a super feature. I currently have a few auto reports generated looking for deltas, but they mostly are empty reports. It would be best if the report contained a delta (data after being filtering), that would trigger an auto report. Any chance this might happen?

  • Thank you for the feedback. This is something we are looking into, but I have no ETA on when/if it will happen.

  • Another vote from me for this feature

  • We would love this feature.

  • Hi, this really would be a fantastic addition. Currently the auto reports add no value because would get a storm of alerts with empty reports. If could set to only send when found data for a report, the reports feature would then be usable

    I would guess by the high amount of views on this post, it might be of interest to a lot of others also

  • I would like to feature very much. I don't use auto report feature due to this.

  • Why "If/When" this will happen? This is inventory tracking 101, how can this not be implemented? Most of us have reports that track if X is missing or X isn't on servers or computers.

  • That is my standard response to all feature requests. We have our own roadmap, so many external feature requests never make it into our products. Those that do, tend to take a very long time, years even. I personally agree that this is an important feature, but there are a TON of factors that go into the process of deciding what goes into each release. Please keep providing us with feedback and sending us ideas, but just beware that sending us an idea doesn't mean it will be implemented.

  • Hi all,


    I also vote for this futur !


    Med T

  • Throwing my hat into the ring on this one too

  • My vote for this essential feature.