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  • Colby Bouma

    I'll ask around internally, but I don't think we're going to switch the download links back. As a workaround, you can grab the PDQPKG files from the temp folder of a Deploy instance that has access to the internet.

    1. Set up Deploy with a Background Service account different from the one you will log into the computer with. This is so you can delete the file in the last step.
    2. Add your main account to Console Users.
    3. Download a small package like 7-Zip to make sure the temp folder is created.
    4. Browse to the temp folder of the Background Service user "C:\Users\$USER\AppData\Local\Temp".
    5. Right-click on the "PDQDeployService" folder, then choose "Properties --> Security --> Advanced --> Add --> Select a principal".
    6. Fill out the name of the Background Service account and hit OK.
    7. Change "Type" to "Deny".
    8. Make sure "Applies to:" is set to "This folder, subfolders and files".
    9. Hit "Show advanced permissions", then "Clear all".
    10. Enable the "Delete subfolders and files" and "Delete" checkboxes.
    11. Hit OK/Yes a bunch of times to close the myriad of windows.
    12. Open the PDQDeployService folder. In my tests there has only been 1 subfolder, but it may be possible to have more. You may have to dig around a bit.
    13. Download your desired package. Wait for it to complete.
    14. Check the folder. There should be a file that has a GUID for a name and ends with ".tmp". This is the PDQPKG file.
    15. Copy this file to your USB and rename it to whatever you want, as long as you change the extension to ".pdqpkg".
    16. Delete the ".tmp" file.

    Sorry about the nasty process, but those temp files get deleted too quickly to try to grab them if you don't do this.

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  • Colby Bouma

    I just added a function to my PdqStuff PowerShell module that makes it a lot easier to download .pdqpkg files, Invoke-PdqPkgDownload. Here's an example of how to use it:

    Install-Module -Name 'PdqStuff'
    Import-Module -Name 'PdqStuff'
    Invoke-PdqPkgDownload -PackageName '7-Zip'

    For more information, run the following:

    Get-Help Invoke-PdqPkgDownload -Full
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