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Inconsistency Deploying packages

Been trying to test deploying packages from my test machine, using the free version. I've tried simple packages like Firefox or Evernote, using the silent flags. Firefox installs sometimes.

I've been getting inconsistent results.

I guess one question I have is what's the best to use? Run as: Deploy User (Use Package Setting) Deploy User or Local System



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  • Hi,

    The run-as options are usually only needing to be modified for very specific installers, the Deploy User in most cases will be the best choice. Firefox for example, if ran under the context "Deploy User (Interactive)" will fail, whereas that run as option is sometimes needed for Office installations.

    It really depends under what context you need your commands to run, and weather the installer may not be quite as silent as it should (Office, sometimes throws a initialization splash screen but is otherwise silent).