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Create report based on Scan Status

Is there a way to create a report based on the scan status of computers. I have computers that PDQ Inventory cannot talk to so we wanted to make a list of those so we can check firewall settings. If the scan says the name is not found, then it will give us the ability to clean up our Active Directory as well.


Donna Roehrig



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  • Absolutely! If you add a column and use the Computer table , there should be a number of Scan related Columns to add to your report with Scan Status and Scan Error being the relevant ones here.

    basic report for scan status/error

  • Not sure if this will help but I created one yesterday by using Computer - Last Successful Scan, that will give you the date and time of the last scan it did. And in the filter you can make it do more than 30 days ago or whatever you want from there. Important that you use Computer - Last Successful Scan and not Scan - Last Successful Scan, I had to open a support ticket because of the results using the "Scan" one.