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Schedules affected by Summer-Winter time change


I have noticed that all my schedules has been modified since the Summer/Winter time change (October 28th in Europe). For example my Schedule planned every day @11am has been changed to 10am. Same thing (-1H) for all my other schedules.

Is there someone that have noticed that too?

Thanks for your help



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  • All my schedules have gained an hour (8am to 9am). UK time zone.

  • Is there someone with an explanation?

  • Hi Arron

    We have had the opposite happen. For example we have a shut down schedule for all PCs at 20:00, they've been shutting down at 19:00 since the clocks changed. We are also in the UK time zone.

    What's the fix please? We have a lot of schedules - so hoping the fix is a bug fix and not a manual process for each schedule.

    Thank you.

  • I e-mailed PDQ support and they provided a test release that fixed the issue.

    I upgraded to: PDQ Deploy 17 (Release 1 Build 52) PDQ Inventory 16 (Release 5 Build 60).

    I did not need to re-set any triggers on the schedules.

  • Thanks, Well noted.