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Cleaning up AD - Dynamic Collection

We are new to Inventory and Deploy. Great products!! We are currently trying to clean up AD. Through years of neglect we have many computers that no longer exist. I was thinking if I created a dynamic collection of computers that have never successfully been scanned that could help. I am not quite sure how to do that though. Any help is greatly appreciated!



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  • We used this a while back when we did the same cleanup, may not be the most elegant, and may need fine-tuning for your setup/needs... but the example below shows us the machines that have never been scanned and that are currently offline as machines that don't exist anymore and usually offline... Hope it helps!

    enter image description here

  • The Computer Table also contains a AD Last Logon column. You can use that with a relative date for instance of 90 days. Then simply disable all computer accounts that haven't been logged in within 90 days.