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The specified domain does not exist or cannot be contacted

PDQ Inventory Enterprise, in Options/Preferences/Active Directory/Include Container/Change Domain/I change to a remote domain (no trusts, just a different domain at a satellite office) I get "The specified domain does not exist or cannot be contacted". In Edit Credentials, I specify the domain, user name and password and Test Credentials succeeds, so I'm not sure why Change Domain cannot see the domain I'm trying to change to. From the PDQ Inventory server, nslookup finds the remote domain ex: remotedomain.local and vice-versa. If this matters, I can ping the server name, with or without full domain behind it and vice versa, so the remote DC can reach the PDQI server by name. Is it that I would need to install PDQ Inventory on the remote DC?



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  • Hi, this will not answer your Domain question, but may give you some insight. Me personaly, I do prefer the local (on the site) installation of PDQ Inventory as all the requests and scans are much quicker on site. The host machine can be accessed via RDP from anywhere in the infrastructure. Sure, this all depends on the amount of computers. And also, if the computers are outside of the network, you can always use the PDQ Inventory Agent. Just be careful not to flood the network connection as many computers at once can produce a lot of traffic.

  • On the PDQ server, is the DNS set to include a DNS server for that second domain? I had issues with this before, where because the server had cached lookup results didn't necessarily mean that the DNS server it was pointed at would permit a full scan of it.

  • FWIW, the PDQ server is a domain member, but not a DC. The DNS server for the "main" domain (the one PDQ resides in) has A Record entries for the remote domain (xyz.local), for the remote server name (xyzsvr) and for the full domain server name ( I used the split-brain DNS to do this. Pinging any of these 3 values, the remote domain server responds.

  • Hello, were you able to get this resolved? Running into the same issue.

  • Hi Chris,

    as this topic is pretty old, I suggest you create a new one and describe your network configuration there.

    Thanks, SelfMan