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show computers that have installed App_1 but not App_2

Hello everybody, I'll go crazy. I'm trying to create a dynamic collection that shows me all the computers that have "Vectorworks 2018" installed, but NO "Vectorworks 2019". I do not know how to get it done. Please help! 😃



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  • Hannebambel,

    If Vectorworks 2018 is in the name of the application, you can do it with a collection that shows ALL computers where 1) Application name equals Vectorworks 2018 and 2) Application name does not equal Vectorworks 2019.

    If the application name is just Vectorworks and you have to target by version number you can take the same approach show ALL computers where 1) Application equals Vectorworks, 2) Application version equals the 2018 version number and 3) Application version does not equal 2019 version number.

  • "Should" be simple, I think you just need to create a filter with 2 lines: Application Name equals Vectorworks 2018 as one filter line. Then filter line 2, do Application Name not equal Vectorworks 2019. The top drop for the filter needs to be All, so it has to meet both those conditions. You might need to change equals to Contains or Starts with (not) for 2019. Depending how the application name reads exactly.

    If that doesn't work, my next thought would be make a dynamic collection that uses 1 filter of Vectorworks 2018 with the contains filter. Then make a sub dynamic collection that uses that one as a drill through with the checkbox. This one would use the filter of Application Name Contains Vectorworks 2019 , but make the top part of that filter would be be "Not Any".

    Its one of those it just depends how the data is being looked at and how you need to use the filters to properly account for what you are looking for.