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Does Inventory know what is considered an old version automatically?

I have been looking into using PDQ Inventory and Deploy for patch management. I'm still pretty new so I may have overlooked what I am searching for.

Can the collections in PDQ Inventory tell what are old versions of something without a user having to manually change the filter?

In the videos I have watched, the Auto-deployment is set to use a collection in Inventory with (Old) on the name of it, but I have not seen what the filter settings are in that collection. Does Inventory know what is considered an old version automatically?



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  • If the collection is one in the Collection Library it will be updated automatically around the time a new version of the software is released.

    If this is a custom collection you'd have to update the version comparison yourself when a new version is released.

  • It's handy to make custom variables and use them in the filters, so you can define what is current, new, or old without needing to redefine your collections.

    Based on the variables in the "System" section, it appears that's how PDQ supplied collections do it too.


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