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Pull deployment far slower than Push


I just realised that we've been using Push deployments the whole time, despite our repository existing on a file server, which after reading the guide here seems to be against best practice.

After switching from Push to Pull, I noticed that deployments are taking far longer to deploy.. for eg. our baseline package which was previously taking around 11 minutes is now taking around double that, at 22min+.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why Pull might be slower, despite the fact that it's not copying files to the server and then to the client (therefore it should actually be faster?)




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  • Maybe you have a bottleneck between the file server and the pull client or a hidden QoS Policy

    Example: With "push" you get the file with 1000mbit from the file server and you push the file with 1000mbit to the client, everything is fine

    Now you set up pull and the client pulls the file with only 100mbit, because the file takes another route from the file server to the client. Maybe a old Cat4 or Cat5 cable in a patch field or a switch port set to only 100mbit on the slow route.

    Or a QoS Policy like here:

    QoS Policy - GPO