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Hotfix Installed > 30 days ago

Hi, I'm trying to get a collection of nodes that haven't been updated in the past X days, let's go with 30 days. The collection filter is.... Hot Fix | Installed On | Not After | 31 days ago and this didn't work, there's stuff that has been updated far more recently, like days.

I found another post looking for about the same thing ([post here][1]) and that didn't get resolved either, but I have added the Group filter for Publisher | Contains | Microsoft. Still doesn't work.

Any thoughts anyone?

If I can't get this working I'm going to have to try a couple of things, like using the PwSh deployment times and success state to say it's been done, but extra layers of extrapolation don't always go super well in reporting upwards...

Thanks all!

[1]: (



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  • Your original filter will create a collection for hot fix installed not after 30 days. Any computers with installed hot fix in the last 30 days will appear in this collection.

    The filter below will create a collection for hot fix installed in the last 30 days. The "Not All" filter group will reverse that and show the devices that have not updated in the last 30 days.

    (Filter Group) Not All - Hot Fix - Installed On - Before - 31 days ago.

  • I have to confess the difference is mostly lost on me - probably been looking at it for too long and the words look funny... but it's a convincing looking list now! Thank you kind sir!