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PDQ Inventory: Files Scanner assistance

I'm trying to check which computers have a file in their root directory and the outcome isn't quite right.

I have a Scan Profile (Files&Directories) set to look for "C:*.log" and two collections in PDQ inventory,

  1. File Exists: Filter=Files & Directories, Name Contains, Value=shutdown
  2. File Doesn't Exist: Filter=Files & Directories, Name Does Not Contain, Value=shutdown

First gives list that looks right; second list is wrong, it includes computers that do actually have "C:\shutdown.log"

Any pointers to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.



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  • Instead of C:*.log, why not just use C:\shutdown.log?

    Also, have you tried C:*.log ? It may not be working as you are missing the \

  • Sorry, typo (...actually the forum system). "C:\*.log" was actually used.

    How would you use "C:\shutdown.log"? It's fine for setting up the scanner, but how do you syntax the collection in Inventory? There doesn't seem to be a file present or not criteria, it's name of file/date/version/size/type etc.

  • You'd actually want:

    Not Any >Files & Directories>Name Contains, Value=shutdown

    This one would test for if there were any files not named shutdown.

    Filter=Files & Directories, Name Does Not Contain, Value=shutdown


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