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Interactive Console issue

Hi there,

When I try the "read-host" function, it gives an error saying: PS running in non-interactive mode. Even when I change the settings from Deploy User to Deploy User (interactive) or logged on user, nothing changes.

As last resort, I entered a custom line without the -NonInteractive parameter, but no luck.

Am I missing something?

PS: I am running the latest version of PDQ Deploy.



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  • "Read-Host" requires actual human input therefore you will get error when you run it with "-NonInteractive" parameter.

  • Well, is it possible to get the console to show for the client? Because that's what I'm trying to achieve.

  • enter image description here

    If you have to run "Interactive" code, you can try something like this but it will require to run as "Logged On User".

  • Thanks! This worked.