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Hi All,

I have been a customer for a couple of years now and not really used inventory to its full potential. Reently i have been tasked with rolling out bitlocker using TPM. A great opeertunity to put PDQ through its paces to see which of our machines have a TPM chip and which need to be replaced, I came accoss this excellent tutorial....

Problem is it shows no results, when I dig a bit deeper into the WMI explorer this is what I seeenter image description here

I am a domain admin and an admin on the machine so not sure why i am getting this, can anyone offer any help?



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  • I'm seeing this as well but it seems to be only on machines with less than TPM 2.0. Not sure if related or coincidence

  • Hi,

    The one thing I can see is difference from the Scanner I made from the guide you refer to is that I have "Use settings from Preferences" checked in mine and in the guide it is unchecked.

    These preferences decide how the Service Manager TCP Connects and it might be related to that? Try ticking the box and change the Service Manager connectivity to default? Increase WMI Timeout?

    Regards, Timmel