Heartbeat Problem



  • Patrick Pierce

    Looks correct. Double check your network setting in Inventory to see how often heartbeat is active. The devices may change state, but quicker than the heartbeat interval is updating on the server. If you reboot the machine and it comes back before the heartbeat interval runs away, the server will not see the machine going offline and back on.

    I use heartbeat for machines that are offline. Schedules for after-hour stuff for computers that are online. Since the server is online, I would do a schedule to run daily in the morning or night during a certain time period.

    Briggs went into more detail about the heartbeat on this post.


    "For heartbeat to work, a state change must be recognized, meaning the machine has to be marked as offline in the database and then come back online.

    Let's say you have a heartbeat interval set to every five minutes or 300 seconds. We send out a heartbeat at 5:10pm and the machine is marked as online. At 5:11pm the machine restarts. The machine comes back online at 5:14pm. Another heartbeat is sent at 5:15pm and the machine status remains unchanged (online) since the heartbeat never had the opportunity to mark the machine as offline. In this case, the heartbeat trigger would not be initiated even though the machine did reboot."

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  • Brad McClave

    As I remember it being explained, heartbeat works when a machine is offline for about 5 minutes, then comes back online. Test this by turning off one of the target computers, waiting the appropriate time, then turning it back on.

    I stumbled on this one at first as well.

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