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PDQ Patch Management for non-domain PC's

Hi, I've been looking for a patch management solution that can work in our company's environment. Does anyone know if PDQ can centrally patch PC's that are not on the Windows domain or LAN? We have a lot of laptops that never connect to the domain because we lend them to by guests. At the moment, we have to locally manage the patches on each PC. They do have internet access though but not on the corporate LAN and they're not on the domain.

Regards, Michael AA



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  • Hi Michael,

    We use PDQ to patch non-domain PC's for our smaller customers, and it works really well, but there are caveats !!

    1. All the machines must have a local administrator username and password that is constant, and that account must be set to active/password never expire.
    2. Your non-domain PC's must be linked to a DNS source, so that PDQ can find them
    3. You must ensure that your PDQ server can access the Admin$ share See PDQ helpful link here
    4. You must ensure that Firewall/Ports are open correctly See PDQ helpful link here

    We have used the above, and found it to be very successful.

    Hope this helps

    Andrew Read