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PQDDeploy Monitoring


I am testing PQDDeploy and monitoring the connection with Wireshark and i am curiuous because there are a lot of connection with this address:

I would like to understand this connection, to be honest, i have a little fear of this tool can be sending informations to someone.




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  • Deploy isn't set to not communicate out, it checks in for list of updated packages / Daily notifications of webcasts / Software updates (These minus package updates can be disabled in Alerts under Preferences). My guess would be that it's a simple AWS connection hosting these resources. Block it and see if any of those stop working.

    Only other guess I can think of is Agent to PDQ server to local PDQ inv/deploy communication described in

  • That would be Deploy checking into a resource on our Azure infrastructure. It's most likely looking for for new or downloading packages, since that's the bulk of what Deploy cares about.

    The sites that Deploy and Inventory will try to connect with for package and collection library updates, downloads, product updates, agent communications, etc. are listed here:

  • Yes, I think so. I have saw this link before but no one of those address match with this one:

    For this reason i was curious.
    Thanks for your reply.

  • I will try change it. Thanks for your reply.

  • It resolves to the same IP as does, according to the all-knowing nslookup -- Non-authoritative answer: Name: Address: Aliases:

  • Make all sense, thanks a lot Katie!

  • The Agent uses