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Run a powershell script directly on the PDQ server?


Might be a long shot, but I have a particular issue I'm trying to get around... I have a collection of a few hundred VDI workstations I manage and have been using PDQ (with great success so far) to handle app deployments patches, etc. to all of them. Most are online 24/7 but a percentage are set to auto-stop after an hour of sitting idle which means they're offline for PDQ.

It's not possible to use WoL with these machines, BUT I can (and have) give the PDQ server administrative access to the VDI infrastructure. I can manipulate the running state of the machines manually via PowerShell... What I'd really like though is to have PDQ do that for me. I'm thinking something like...

  1. PowerShell on server to list and identify stopped machines;
  2. Record computer names of stopped machines in variable/collection/whatever;
  3. PowerShell on server to send "Wake" command for each machine in aforementioned list;
  4. Crack on with whatever installs/tasks PDQ needs to do as normal.

This would mean running the PowerShell scripts directly on the PDQ server and not on each client machine as would normally happen. I can't see a way to do this, does anyone know if it's possible?



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  • We do that often, just use "localhost" as target.

  • Within a Deploy powershell step? I'd love to see an example if you have one.

  • What kind of VDI infrastructure are you running ?

    For me it's probably easier to pull the VM state/status, then start VM than sending wake online magic packet.

    I use schedule in PDQ Deploy for pre-patching tasks like stop a list of services, checking API status...ect.

  • Sorry for the delayed reply, things got busy! VDI infrastructure is Amazon Workspaces. Your suggestion is exactly what I was thinking too, just trying to confirm if it's possible or not and hopefully get some tips from those who have already done it (if any). Thanks!