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PDQ Deploy Windows 10 1809 / setup.exe returned error code -1047526908

HI All. I have a problem with PDQ package I downloaded Windows 10 1809 iso, extracted it to PDQ inventory and created 3 steps:

  1. File Copy (Folder) from PDQ Inventory to C:\Windows10 (it works fine)
  2. Install upgrade with parameters: setup.exe /auto upgrade /quiet
  3. Reebot

On Step number 2 I am getting error: setup.exe returned error code -1047266908

Can You tell me what I am doing wrong? My configuration of the steps 2 looks like below

enter image description here



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  • Hi Dj

    Try adding the parameter /CopyLogs might give you more insight into your error

    Have you also tried /Compat IgnoreWarning, if you use this be sure to run driver updates afterwards as this will ignore/dismiss any compatibility issues the setup.exe may have found

    Windows Setup Command-Line Options

    enter image description here

  • Your Deployment is unlogic:

    Your first Step is a file copy to "C:\Windows10" but your second step starts the Install from the "Repository" and not the local c:/windows10/ folder, this makes the firs step unnecessary. The second step also includes the files from entire directory, this way you copy all files two times, a waste of time.

    The thirs step "Reboot" is unnecessary too, because the upgrade includes all necessary reboots as long as you don't use the /NoReboot parameter for the setup.

    Better Solution:

    The Win 10 Upgrade doesn't need a extra file copy to the local drive, the upgrade process allready includes this an can be launched from the share directly.

    All you need is one single cmd Step:

    \path_to_win_10_setup\setup.exe /auto upgrade /migratedrivers all /ShowOOBE none /Compat IgnoreWarning /Telemetry Disable /DynamicUpdate disable

    I'm not sure about your /quiet parameter, he exist but i never used him for a upgrade.

    Keep in mind, you can not upgrade x86 Version with a x64 Version and vice versa. If you use a image including both versions, you have to start the right setup.exe from the x86 or x64 folder (\path_to_win_10_setup\x86\setup.exe or \path_to_win_10_setup\x64\setup.exe) and not the one from the root folder. Create a step for each O/S architecture and set the exclusions to the O/S architecture under the condition tab to be sure you start the right deployment.

    For more details, take a look here:

    PDQ Win 10 Upgrade