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Logitech Unifying Receiver Update

Has anyone been able to install this to multiple PCs via PDQ Deploy? If so, would you mind helping me with switches? Does it need to be an .msi file?

I can't figure out how to install this as when it runs it needs a continue button clicked.

Many thanks in advance!



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  • We have a package for that in the Package Library 😃

    "Logitech Unifying Software"

  • Awesome! So this has the fix for the "Mousejack" vulnerability included in the package?

  • Oh, I think I misunderstood your request. Are you trying to deploy "SecureDFU_48.exe" from this page?

    If so, it looks like it may not be possible to deploy it silently through traditional methods. I see some people mentioned AutoIT, so you could try this:

  • Yes that is what I'm trying to deploy. Sorry for the confusion. I'll watch that video and see if can come up with something.

  • Enterprise deploy-able tool found here - - near the bottom of the page. Comes with the command line updater, the update zip file, and a pdf on how to deploy it.

    Basically my deploy copies the files local one being the batch file to run it, and then runs the local batch file.

  • Is there any way to detect via Inventory on which machines a Unifying receiver is installed?

    Best regards Alex

  • I think this Filter will work: Hardware Device | Name | Contains | Unifying

    enter image description here