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Offer remote support -> Tooling?


Currently still running PDQ Inventory 15, have not yet bothered with the update. So no Agent installs yet.

For now we are a GotoAssist & LogMeIn Pro customer. Each have their benefits but since we own PDQ (single license for now) as well I was looking for a better way.

I haven't got the remote assist feature working but I'm guessing that this will work on a local network just like VNC?

I would like a method to support users connected to the local network as well as home workers. Got any tips? How do you guys provide remote support to your users?



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  • The Remote Assist that comes default in PDQ Inventory leverages Microsoft's Remote Assist tool. Which is very similar to VNC and wouldn't work for remote users.

    GotoAssit and LogMeIn should work from anywhere as long as the remote machines have their respective agent installed. I wouldn't know how to build a tool to remotely control those machines as we do not have either of those applications to test with internally.