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Any plans on providing OpenJDK in the package library in light of Oracle JRE licensing hassle?

Hi PDQ Team,

are there any plans to add and maintain OpenJDK to the package library in light of the licensing changes to the Oracle Java packages?



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  • They mentioned in last Thursday's webcast that they are trying to see if it's possible to make an OpenJDK 11 package that they could add to the library.

  • I was wondering the same thing and really hoping they would add it.

  • Hi, I just stumbled upon Amazon Coretto, which is Amazons implementation of OpenJDK that they will use on their own aws linux machines and for which they build installers that are available for everyone to use.

    It seems pretty solid, in that they will provide free updates until at least 2022 ( and probably ongoing far longer...)

    Maybe that could be a replacement for Oracle JDK / addition to the PDQ package library?

  • would be great to see a progress in this case.

  • I highly agree

  • I would also like to see Amazon Corretto included in the PDQ Library as an alternative to Oracle Java.

  • It would be fantastic to see Corretto as an option!!