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PDQ Deploy & Inventory as a RMM alternative

Hi everyone,

Over the past year or so I've payed around with some RMM products and though I love the integration of features in those offerings, seems like my biggest issues are with software installations (sometimes they work, sometimes not), which so far as I can tell, PDQ Deploy has nailed done really well. I definitely need my alerts from machines with issues, but looks like that can be accomplished in PDQ Inventory with reports. I know I can integrate a remote access tool as well (I currently use Teamviewer and would need that or an alternative available, which I saw. Might try Dameware but not sure yet). All that said, has anyone ditched an RMM specific solution for the PDQ Deploy & Inventory suite? Seems like it might be better suited for my needs but I'm just at the beginning of the learning curve with PDQ products so I wanted to ask people who are more experienced with it than I am.

Thanks in advance, Adam