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Win 10 1903

When will we start to see Collection Library for Win 10 1903 and cumulative updates for Win 10 1903?



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  • Jason,

    The Windows 10 1903 collection is being worked on as we speak. As far as the windows 10 1903 cumulative updates, my understanding is that the current updates are for the insiders build. As soon as they release the full public version we will be releasing those as soon as we can.

  • Sounds good thanks.

  • I just got this in WSUS ... May 29, 2019—KB4497935 (OS Build 18362.145)

  • Yep, that came out shortly after Nate's message 😃

    We should have it in the Package Library sometime today. The collection is now live in the Collection Library.

  • So is it now possible to push an update from OS 1809 to 1903 using PDQ? 

  • ?? Any update on this?


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