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Simple Command line failing

So I have a simple command line I am running to rotate a screen. I run the command in powershell or command prompt outside of PDQ Deploy and it does its thing. The package I created, copies the program for the rotation to the local machine and runs the command. If Deploy tries to do PS or CMD to do this they both fail, yet running it manually works every time.

Any ideas, and what information might you need to help. It really is a straight forward command: C:\install\Display\Display.exe /rotate 180

By default is does the first display. The program is called "Display"




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  • I think you are using the wrong "Run As" option.

    Default option is the "Deploy User" but the "Deploy User" has no screen to rotate because he's running in the background.

    You have to run the step/script as "Logged on User".

    enter image description here

  • Ok, so I just ran it as that while I was logged in and it works. Basically, though, I cant do this unless there is an active user to run against? I was trying to have it flip while the machine at the log in screen before users got to the machine but I assume that isn't going to be possible with this method?

  • I think you should use PDQ for the copy steps and a autostart batch file for the rotation.

    1. Use PDQ to Copy the Display.exe to all necessary device

    2. create a batch file (rotate.bat) with the command line "C:\install\Display\Display.exe /rotate 180" inside

    3. Copy the rotate.bat via PDQ deploy to: "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp"

    Now every time a user logs in, the screen rotations is executed

  • Good idea, thanks. I will give this a try.